#palepink pre-order

Bored of beige yet?

Welcome to the age of the new neutral. To the age of post-prettiness, where wearing pink won’t put a label on you. Our new collection is as androgynous as it is gentle and as fresh as it is timeless.

After all, there is no other colour that would say ‘I enjoy both Jean-Paul Sartre and Drake’ like our new pale pink, is there?


Don't miss out!

This collection is now ready for pre-order. Lucky for you earlybirds #palepink will be -10% until Friday the 8th of May.

Will you only add a little bit of #palepink sweetness into your accessory game with a new Slim Pouchie or go all out with a Model Tote? Any of our product is up for grabs, so let us know! Your order will be ready to ship on 15th of June.

Friends, you are running out of time and we are running out of leather. Act fast!